Blind Date

blind date36″ x 44″, Acrylic on canvas, 2003 (Collection of the Artist)

“Blind Date” is a painting about over protective men, the sexes and race relations. One man is this way or that way. The Dog is really a man, a racist man, an over protective man. He is the seeing eye dog for the blind beautiful black woman. The thing is, this beautiful black lady doesn’t even know her boyfriend is a skin head white supremacist. The skin head drools and lets out a loud bark and scares the wimpy Best Man, as he tries to let the woman know what her boyfriend really is. The question is, Who is in power here? Does the skin head have her fooled or is this beautiful blind black lady really his master. I have met many racist white people growing up, but once I saw the power of a colored woman. The skinhead man had his beliefs of white superiority, but one day he saw this colored woman and completely fell in love, she was so beautiful, that he even put his personal white power beliefs aside just to get to know her. He was a wild dog but this beautiful colored woman tamed him and turned him into a loving puppy. This colored woman and white guy went blind for the better. – The Best Man engagements.


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