Breaking Dawn

breaking dawn

30″ x 40″, Acrylic on canvas, 2008

“Breaking Dawn” is a portrait of my cousin ‘Denae Bearbull”, She is always an inspiration to me because of the trials and hardships she has overcome. She truly is one tough girl. This series wouldn`t be complete without her. This is an ongoing series, and this is just a small handful of young ladies I know. My female friends outnumber my male friends by a great number. I speak their language better than the language of young men. Women are far more respectful, their more fertile in mind as well. And they have saved me many times. You`ll never find me with a bunch of guys talking shit. As far back as I remember I knew I never fit in well with guys, I met the monster in little boys when I was in nursery. Don`t get me wrong, there are some really deep, understanding  gentle men too, but they are rare and few. There are many other female friends I plan to add to this collection. So stay tuned.- Riel Benn (click on image to view larger version)


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