Johnny Cash

johnny cash32″ x 40″, Mixed media on paper, 2006

“Johnny Cash” is one of my Father`s favorite musicians, I heard alot of Johnny Cash`s songs growing up. So I decided to do a cubism peice on him. This cubist peice is different from my other cubism paintings, it`s more easy to read and understand. It`s a form of cubism that involves collage. In this peice I used Johnny Cash lyrics and music sheets, I also used a poster from one of his shows as well a photo of him. I shaped all these things into Johnny Cash`s main instument, The guitar. I admire Johnny Cash, he seems to understand the lows of life, which I think connects him with alot of people. This is one of the few cubism collage pieces I have done, I have studies to do more, so stay tuned – Riel Benn (click on image to view larger version)