Moon Ceremony

moon ceremony36″ x 44″, Acrylic on canvas, 2001

In 2001 I met this beautiful jingle dress dancer named “Sarah Redman” at our yearly summer pow wow. I asked if I could take her picture with my camera, so I could paint her. She agreed. It was Canada Day and later that day we watched the fire works together. The painting I later made of her was “Moon Ceremony”. For some strange reason native girls always reminded me of crows gathering, which is called a murder. I don`t know why they remind me of crows, perhaps it`s there black hair and pretty noses. For a long time I had no title for this painting. But one day I was hanging out with these ojibway girls in Brandon, Mb. And they said they were going to a moon ceremony, I asked if I could go with them, But they said men weren`t allowed at moon ceremonies. It was a ceremony only native women knew of. So they left me there hanging, watching television. It`s kinda funny now that I think of it. But thats where I got the title for this painting, the native girls and their “Moon Ceremony”. This was the first painting in the series “Murder of crows”, if you like this series stay tuned, it`s not finished. – Riel Benn (click on image to view larger version)