Ancestors Within

ancestors within30″ x 40″, Acrylic on canvas, 2006

Price: $1100.00

“Ancestor`s within” was done for a group show I was part of, which showed at the Kenderdine University in Saskatoon, Sk. The show was titled ” No word for Goodbye.” This painting was suppose to portray a native woman in the city, who still carries her people, family, and identitiy within her, although she is in a completely different world. I understood the meaning of this show much better after it opened. I liked the title of this show because in the Sioux language their is “No word for goodbye”, I don`t know much about other native languages but alot of them probably have no word for goodbye either. My Uncles used to tell me to never use the word “goodbye”. I guess there right, “goodbye” does seem like a dark and hopeless word. – Riel Benn

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