Looks that Kill

looks that kill40″ x 48″, Acrylic on canvas, 2004 (Collection of the Artist)

With Greek architecture everywhere, this is the stage for the painting “Looks That Kill.” This painting is based on Everyman’s wandering eye. In the foreground you have The Best Man beheading the Greek mythological creature known as Medusa. It is said that anyone who looked at her turned to stone. Yes, this one is for the Ladies. In the world of The Best Man, all couples must be truly loyal, the eyes of man shall only look upon his one true love. But in the background of this scene, We have a man in a suit looking and lusting for the blonde kneeling over the pillar hand rail. By obeying the lust of his eyes he has turned to stone. Now his one true love in a red dress is weeping at his feet, knowing he has looked upon another woman with impure thoughts. The Best Man asks this, If men could truly turn to stone for their wandering eye, How many stone statues of men do you think we would have in this world? I’m sure only the Ladies can answer that! – The Best Man Engagements Note: this painting was made before beheading became common in our world.


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