Bone Necklace

bone necklace24″ x 30″, Acrylic on canvas, 2012

AVAILABLE PRINT: $400.00     

This piece titled “Bone Necklace” is based on a necklace that was kept by an unknown sioux warrior. The necklace was made of human fingers of all the people he had killed. It is true that not all native americans were actually angelic like so many seen  in movies and fantasy paintings. There were wild indians, Villains bent in their ways. What made this guy more scarey was, his craziness wasn’t caused by drugs or alcohol. Alot of indian guys today try to be fierce but their just usually high or drunk. A sad reality. On his vest is pinned the sheriff’s badge, and he has the priest’s rosary hanging down the side of his hair, the little mementos he kept from his victims. On his shoulders are scalps of even more victims. I wanted this picture to show the dark side of a warrior, a warrior who most likely had nothing to lose, because the old days were gone forever, and most likely whole families dead. A warrior who would gladly invite death than live on a Indian Reservation. A warrior who would rather join his family in death.

I actually saw a picture of the original bone necklace with fingers. But later it became  part of the native costumes in hollywood. Again, trying to make all warriors into cruel heartless savages. I totally agree there were odd dark characters back in the wild west, but most warriors probably wouldn’t be dark as this character. – Riel Benn