Orange Crush Mama

orange crush mama25″ x 32″, Digital art collage, 2015

Price: $200.00

This piece was inspired by the “Stone Temple Pilot’s” song “Big Bang Baby”. It’s a mixture of sexuality, soft drinks, Andy Warhol, music, collage, and Native art glamour models. I guess the words “Orange Crush Mama” hit the spot, especially when I see so many single mothers looking for a baby daddy. But the title can also be connected to the single mothers on the Indian reservations that actually love men more than their own children, I don’t mean to be mean, but it is a cold reality that exists on Indian reservations, But take note not all native women are “Orange Crush Mamas”. – Riel Benn

ORANGE CRUSH MAMA: DEFINITION – (a native woman who loves men more than their own children.)

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