Infidelity`s Goat

infidelity's goat30″ x 40″, Acrylic on masonite, 2004      (SOLD)

This painting is based on deception.

She is a deciever, Her kisses are full of lies. Here today, gone tomorrow. It’s a lovely day for liars. Wasting my element, her sweetness comes from nothing. This romance is a promise from no where. Yet I think it is real. I go to collect her but she is gone, vanished.

Not a truth, not a goodbye. I wait and wait. Yet far away she is laying her eggs, cracking a man of another kind. I wait and wait, yet far away she is growing her humps. A little purity she found far away. Not so bad for a liar. The moon hasn’t bled in quite some time.

After nine months pass I finally see her, Forever bonded to another. I thought awhile, Could I be such a fool? It wasn’t I who was dancing and talking like a goat. No, I’m a blood red dove. She’s been gone too long, I feel nothing. So I just laughed at her and painted the situation’s face. First thought, “She might as well have been dancing with a goat.” – Riel Benn