Shhh…Portrait of Rihanna

shhh... portrait of rihanna22″ x 28″, Acrylic on canvas, 2011    

PRICE: $400.00 

This is a portrait of the amazing and beautiful Miss Robyn Fenty aka “Rihanna. This was painted from a photograph I found of her, I changed a few colors from the original photo. I thought it was very clever the way she put her tattooed finger on her lips, which says, Shhh… I loved the eye patch as well it reminded me of my self portrait titled “Jelus”. In other words, it`s Rihanna in all her perfection, great photo, great painting, great woman. I actually got to see the woman in person, back in March 2013. – Riel Benn (click on image to view larger version)