Gold Digger

gold digger30″ x 40″, Acrylic on canvas, 2006      (Collection of the Artist)

Lights, camera, action! In “Gold Digger” Irish folklore plays a role in a wedding with a great age difference. In this cinematic portrait we got the bride, the groom, Death and the Devil Himself. To the right we got The Best Man, who seems to be controlling the scene, Directing the bridal cast, He is outside looking in. It is good for a woman to marry a man with money, she needs financial security after all, but in this seen we have a portrait of satanic motives.  With beauty the young bride has got her much older groom wrapped around her finger, with Death the young bride can become rich. The end of the rainbow is the end of the old man’s life, it is there the pot of gold lies waiting for this gold digger trophy wife. It is a Godless ceremony with such dark characters present. Here sacred vows mean nothing, Love is not present, only the love of money, like it says in holy writ, The love of money is the root of all evil. Again, this is a tale that often really happens in real life. Written on the action clicker is the grooms worth, which is 97 million. She plays with husband #4, while the scene in this film is titled “The Oldman seals his fate.” Money plays a huge part in any marriage, most people want to be rich. As a single person I find myself very rich. With contentment their is great gain. In the single life, needs are few. Behind the scenes, real life isn’t measured by what you own or how much money you got. What you are makes you rich, not what you have. I’m talking about soul and character, Thats a wrap everyone! – The Best Man Engagements.