Martyred Pedophile

martyred pedophile30″ x 40″, Acrylic on canvas,2006

“Martyred Pedophile” is one of the dark themed pieces in this series. It is a picture of wrath, hypocrisy, vengeance, joy and healing. This piece is based on the residential school nightmare, where and when members of the church sexually abused many aboriginal school children. In this surreal world we have a catholic Priest tied to a spinning wheel, he has been missed twice by the knife and the tomahawk, which is really a miss or a refusal to admit what went on there. But finally we have an arrow straight into the Priest’s chest. Here we have a perfect shot, an acknowledgment of what went on in those scary red brick schools, which were in fact, little prisons for little Indians. Could it be “The Best Man” who shot the arrow and killed the monster of the cloth. Maybe so, Maybe so. Here “The Best Man” plays the hero, killing the pedophile and leading the children away from the monster, Here “The Best Man” throws a carnival party for the children, with clowns and fun rides of every kind. Upon the hill in the background sits that hellish prison they call a school, and the true God of the little children blasts it with rain, lightning and thunder. The priests may have held their Bibles and the Nuns their rosaries, but they were in no way doing God’s will. Hypocrites! Up on the hill you can spot the shadow runner, who appears from time to time in Best Man pictures. Here I placed him on the hill running away from the school, which is a portrayal of my own father who used to run away from the residential schools as a boy. A Martyred Pedophile? well yeah, they were Satan’s Priests after all. Wolves in sheep’s clothing! -Riel Benn