Reflection of the coming age

reflection of the coming age30″ x 40″, Acrylic on canvas, 2006      (Collection of the Artist)

Hickory hickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one, the mouse ran down , Hickory hickory, Dock! Again, a children’s rhyme is played in this Best Man painting titled “Reflection of the coming Age”. It’s a haunting reflection of the future as well as the past. You’ll notice the clock is not backward in the mirror. Here the Best man is a time traveller, But at the same time a ghost in the mirror. It’s a reflection of the world’s obsession with youth, which again is promoted by the mass media. Billions of dollars alone spent on trying to stay young. This obsession with youth is more often felt by women than men. In the media a man can often get away with wrinkles while a woman can’t. In this two way mirror the old woman looks back at her young self, while her young self gazes into the future. By her hand is a bottle of anti-wrinkle cream, a cosmetic going against nature’s natural beauty. Below the clock The Best Man gives the old woman a graceful kiss, like a boy kissing his grandmother. Like many mythical characters the Best Man does not age, he is not effected by time. Before the mirror we all must come to terms with aging. So smile at your reflection everyday, and enjoy yourself, even after the clock strikes one. – The Best Man Engagements