The Cupid Incident

the cupid incident36″ x 48″, Acrylic on canvas, 2009       (Collection of the Artist)

“The Cupid Incident” is based on the darker side of relationships. In this case we got a murder suicide, it could very well be a homicide as well. But who is the killer here? The world likes to say and sing that love is some game people play. But love and relationships are  very serious things. Hearts can break, spouses can cheat, and sometimes it ends very badly. Like I said before these things really do happen. In this crime scene it seems we had a love triangle. Always on the scene is The Best Man, in this case he is again a teacher and a detective. Here is the story from The Best Man Engagements.

What we got here is a failure to communicate. It was a love pop suicide. A triangle with three hearts in it. Cupid was there when I arrived, he even tried to shoot me with his poison arrow. The seen of the crime was a murder mystery. Was the man obsessed? Or did the lady say no to his diamond ring. Who was fucking who here? Did the weeping blonde have anything to do with the killing? If I believe she’s crying, she’s certianly a good actress. And of course Death is here, disguised as a cop. It’s a murder suicide, It happens often. So Cupid shot the man and the two women causing a love triangle. It seems to me someone got green eyed, jealousy it has to be. Did the deceased female plan on leaving the deceased male? It seems he couldn’t handle it. He must have turned the gun on her then himself. But that blonde behind me makes me itch, she could have caught them together and pulled the trigger herself and set it up to look like a murder suicide. I know Cupid is guilty but what can the law do to him. There would be riots if he’s locked up. People would go crazy without the little bastard! What a mess and it’s a pity that it does happen. It has to be lust because true love never demands it’s own way. – THE BEST MAN ENGAGEMENTS