Daffy Days

daffy days24″ x 36″, Digital Art Collage, 2014

Price: $200.00

“Daffy Days” is a celebration of different things that I like. A gathering of fun, rock stars, pop icons, native historical figures and little bit of stupidity. In this daffy collage we have the rock group “Stone Temple Pilots” and the mythological being “Cupid.” The Race is won by my liking for fashion By supermodel “Karlie Kloss” who I think looks pretty smooth in an Indian headdress, even if most natives hate it, I don’t mind it at all. Barbarella stands by the tired Charlie Chaplin. Guess who lost the race? None other than “The Joker” himself. A native child plays with cute animals in front of the rock stars as the crazy Hare enjoys his cup of tea. And up front in this wonderland is a native woman and she’s just mad, Why can’t we just all get along! – Riel Benn