A Tiny Music Production

a tiny music production25″ x 39″, Digital Art Collage, 2015

Price: $400.00

This is “A Tiny Music Production”, a collage, a stage and a performance. Tonight we will be showing you the great knife throwing talent of this fine native American warrior. His target will be none other than the beautiful super model Karlie Kloss. Who also appears in the carnival picture “Daffy Days.” But first we will be shown a card trick from this card flipping fashion model, who happens to be a great admirer of the great chiefs, she even has them on her 4 kings. Tonight’s music will be played by the rock group “Garbage”, Unfortunately they could not make it so their first album and the phonograph will have to fill in their absence. This production is brought to you by SOS, nothing gets your house cleaner than SOS! After the knife throwing suspense we will be having an air show of the famous world war 2 fighters, “The Flying Tigers!” So stay in your seats the show is about to begin! Can someone please get that goat off the stage!!!! – Riel Benn (click on image to view larger version)