weya24″ x 32″, Digital Art Collage, 2015

Price: $200.00

“Weya” is the Sioux word for woman. In this piece I showcase the model known as Cindy V, who happens to be part native. She also appears in the “Painted Lady” series and “Skins.” A picture inspired by the missing native women in Canada, that also has a feminist theme. Some may say this is the sexualisation of native women, It’s just another gem of the different kinds of native beauty. If it’s sexualisation, all I gotta say is, the native population is rising faster than ever, I heard it was the fastest growing group in Canada. So natives must be having a lot of sex. This maybe taboo, but all I did was take a look behind the curtain. I want to show beauty in all it’s native forms, from historical beauty, to the pow wow dancers, to the modern native women. – Riel Benn (click on image to view larger version)