Self-Portrait with Alter-Ego

self-portrait with alter ego36″ x 48″, Acrylic on canvas, 2004

“Self-Portrait with Alter-Ego” was an exercise, it was a painting and an act to destroy my pride. It was the painting and the revealing that would proof I did not care what women thought of me, at least when it came to physical beauty and appearance. Men are often plagued by what they think women think of them, or how women see them, so they do their best to look great. By destroying my pride with this painting and being published in 1000’s of magazines, I did it. I found it liberating, to not care about how a woman see’s me or judges me. That was the main and whole purpose behind this half nude. I think it helped me a lot because there were literally 1000’s of copies of this image in Canada and the United States. So whether I’m ugly or beautiful, it’s all the same to me. I think is like rising above the flesh, I think it’s like rising above little tiny unimportant body issues. The Best Man Rises. It also has spiritual significance, It’s I standing before my creator naked as the day I was born. With nothing to hide. Standing just the way God made me. God made it well and that’s all that matters, not some woman’s like or dislike. I think I’ll smile now. But one must know a self-portrait is usually a statue of the moment. ones self is always changing, just as ones thoughts are always changing. When I look back at my self-portraits, they usually are a different person or different Artist. Today I would have no reason to paint such a portrait but back then I did. – The Best Man Engagements.