The Shoshoni

the shoshoni24″ x 36″, Mixed media on canvas, 2015


“The Shoshoni” will be a first of many. Since March 2015, I have been experimenting a lot with mixed media, and have been having a lot of fun with it. These newer mixed media pieces are a mixture of photography, mod podge, ink, marker, acrylic, spray paint, and a lot of masking tape and razor blades. One art student described them as looking like an 1980’s music video, my sister calls it native pop. I always wanted to do glamour portraits of native americans, say like “The Andy Warhol Portraits of Mick Jagger.” These portraits are also linked from my “Painted Lady” series. Some may say I’m slacking off, but it can get tiring painting the same things over n over the same way over n over. I don’t paint if I don’t enjoy it, and at the moment I am really enjoying this type of work. This piece was an artshow favorite this year, sometimes your audience can help you decide in which direction to go next, and it seems they want this, and the great thing is, I really do enjoy it. – Riel Benn