Star Collage with a Poem

star collage with a poem









22″ x 30″, Collage, 2015

PRICE: $120.00

Even though I have been painting nearly 20 years now, I went on youtube and took a lil course on collage. You can never stop learning new techniques. I have always wanted to work in collage, I tried doing it back in 2005, it was a disaster, hahaha. Some critics may think I’m taking a step down from my original paintings. But you must remember, collage was one of the styles that gave birth to Pop Art, along with Cubism. And you must always remember that the great French master Henri Matisse did wonderful work just by pasting different colors of paper together. For this piece I worked with what I had. A photo of the great crow chief Medicine Crow, Mrs. Universe who happens to be a first nations woman, a photo of a modern day pow pow dancer, Covergirl logos, Andy Warhol Marilyn’s, and the written text of a beautiful poem and calendars. Not bad for a first!!! – Riel Benn