Hickory Dichotomy

hickory dichotomy

Digital art collage, 2015

24″ x 30″

Price: $400.00.

“Hickory Dichotomy” is a fantasy picture but it’s also historical in a funny way. After the Indian wars were over many Natives joined shows like Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. The natives did an act and were an attraction. In this scene I placed the natives among more famous figures, such as Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and Bettie Page, along with the mythical Cupid. The satanic figure represents the coming evils, that will later consume the lives of many native people. In this scene the real Indian way of living is gone, and has now become fake, like a stage play which is directed by a white trickster played by the clown Charlie Chaplin. – Riel Benn